Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Nascent of Blogging

Hello guys.

The thought of me creating a blog had never come to my mind till the day I was trying to figure out ways to improve my English writing, which was 4 years ago. I had stumbled upon a blog, of which I had no recollection of how I'd managed to discover it in the first place, that gave me quite an impression at the very first glance. By the end of one of the many well-written posts, it, or should I say, she (referring to the blogger), left me quite awestruck. She wrote her blog so concisely and eloquently, in my opinion. That blog of hers gave me the inspiration and the motivation that lead me the path of becoming a blogger. Ever since then I've been searching for any English blogs to be inspired with, especially Malaysians'.

As I've said earlier, the time was 4 years ago, and so did the age of my naive mind. I had written all sorts of petty stuffs to fill my blog as time persisted. I had created many drafts, and many hadn't even see the light of hope to be published in the blog. Sigh. "Others seemed to be a whole lot more creative than I am," I thought to myself. Only recently I've realized that to be creative, as to my embarrassment, you need to feed the mind with imagination. One of the ways is through reading. To acquire a skill, you need to learn, as with creativity. To achieve a certain level of creativity, you need to learn to be creative. Writing a good novel is a form of creativity, which means reading a novel is a form of understanding the creativity itself. Aha. The much awaited epiphany strikes me. I might be overdue to figure that out for my age, but I took it as a sign of maturity. It wasn't that I didn't read any books, books weren't really my ideal companion before.

I'm currently in the middle, and i mean literally right-smack-in-the-middle, of finishing two interesting books, Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and the other is a non-fictional book about optimism that a good buddy of mine lend it to me. Probably the reason why he voluntarily give that book to me might had something to do with the fact that I was sharing some of my depressive thoughts and a sense of despair about my life. Haha.  But that book really open up your mind to different perspectives of optimism. Who would have thought optimism can be of many interpretations to different individuals. Thanks, dude. When you're hooked to a book, you can feel the insights just pouring onto you. It's kind of exciting, don't you think? Then again, some people can write pretty well based solely on their life experiences. Maybe my life isn't as interesting as others, i guess. There I go with my negative thoughts again. Pfft. Oh well, time to do something about that.


Yours truly,

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